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Work Overview

Mainstreaming decentralised wastewater recycling and reuse through research, policy advocacy and training.  The objective is to build a movement across India and in South Asia for onsite wastewater management through networking and partnership with architects/planners, RWAs/institutions, local NGOs/CBOs, ULBs and parastatal agencies for  implementation of model projects.



Reinvent, Recycle, Reuse - Toolkit on Decentralised Wastewater Management

In today's world sewage treatment is a challenge for all practitioners. The call of the hour is to reuse and recycle the used water. We have thoroughly researched and collected a large number of case studies to update our understanding, and address the issue efficiently.

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Do It Yourself: Recycle and Reuse Wastewater

This is the second edition of our Wastewater Recycling Manual. The manual presents real-life case studies of wastewater treatment methods adopted in various parts of India.

Faecal Attraction - A Film from CSE

Faecal Attraction is the latest film from CSE which is about the absurd relationship between rich people's shit and poor people's water.

Training Programs & Capacity Building

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Training Programs: Alumni
Trainings as COE and CCBP-NURM
Trainings for practising professionals in India South Asia training programmes
Training programmes for improving capacities and understanding of the practice for municipal engineers under Centre of Excellence Programme of MoUD
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The training programmes for improving the undertanding of the concept for engineers, architects, planners, contractors, researchers and activists. The training programmesaim at enhancing skill sets of practising professionals in the area of wastewater and to promote recycle and resuse of wastewater.
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  Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
  Programme Director
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